Solutions for Small Scale Wineries

Making boutique wines and dealing in seasonal, limited productions makes lab analysis during the production process key to ensuring a unique experience for the consumer. Explore our easy, compact solutions for testing pH, titratable acidity, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen levels and dissolved oxygen.

pH Measurement


Battery-operated handheld and traditional laboratory meter in one. Store results in meter or export to LIMS. Integrated sensor quality check for worry-free operation.

Titratable Acidity


Improves control over titration speed using a digital joystick controller. Requires no preparation or cleaning of glass pipets and burets. Calculates display results on screen. Print and export results.

Free & Total Sulfites


Easy startup, simple touchscreen operation with pre-programmed methods. Maintenance-free platinum electrode. Removes human error of reading manual burets and calculating results. Print reports or export results to LIMS.


Dissolved Oxygen

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